Has released the Tokachi bus open data (GTFS-JP)。

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"GTFS-JP" is "Standard bus information format"(In 2017 March、That the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport has determined。There is a static data format in)、The basic public transport for the data format "GTFS", which is internationally widely used、Which was enhanced in light of the situation in Japan。It is a common format for the transfer of information between the bus operators and the route search of information providers。This、It will be able to take advantage of data to quickly makes it easy to provide information to the Japanese domestic route search, such as publishers。further、GTFS-JP is because there is a compatible with GTFS、Also making it possible to carry out the provision of information to the beginning and the overseas business Google Maps。
Format that this time the public is、Static video game ー Tatari "GTFS-JP" (the residence、route、Then、Timetable、Although it has the information) of fares、Then dynamic data "GTFS-RT (real-time)" (delay、ETA、Vehicle position、We aim to provide service information, etc.)。
In the Tokachi bus、Asked to recognize the bus to the visitors and foreigners、In order to guide seamlessly with third-party lines, railways, and walk、We hope to be asked to reflect on the path service around the world、To publish the data the GTFS, which was developed in a standard bus information format as an open data。


GTFS-JP data


Open data of "standard bus information format (GTFS)"


For further information, please contact data


Tokachi Bus Corporation headquarters
AS 0155-37-6500
Omnibus part Nagasawa-affairs department system Division Suzuya


Has released the Tokachi bus open data (GTFS-JP)。

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