About SDGs initiatives in Tokachi Bus

17 goals to change the world

SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals:Sustainable Development Goals)、
"Leave no one behind" Aiming to realize a sustainable and better society、It ’s a universal goal.。

2015It was listed in the "2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development" agreed by all member states at the United Nations Summit of the Year.。
2030Year is the achievement period、17Consists of goals and 169 targets。


Health and welfare for all

■Goal 3 "Health"

Ensure healthy lives for all at all ages、promote welfare。

"Empowering everyone to live a healthy and happy life"

If you change the means of transportation in your daily life or travel destination to walking, bicycles, or fixed-route buses、You may be able to enjoy new discoveries such as health promotion with friends and scenery that you would not notice when traveling by car.。
By enhancing various mobility such as fixed-route buses in Tokachi、Increase social participation and mobility for all、improve health、Helps reduce medical expenses。


Energy for everyone and clean

■ Goal 7 "Energy"

of all people,Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy。

“Make sure everyone has access to cheap, safe and modern energy into the future.”

We will focus on the development of clean and new mobility powered by electricity and hydrogen, which are made with energy that does not emit carbon dioxide, by reducing the current ratio of vehicles that use fossil fuels, and promote their future introduction.。


Both job satisfaction and economic growth

■ Goal 8 "Economic growth and employment"

Promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth and full and productive employment and decent work for all。

“Promoting stable economic growth that improves people’s lives、We will create a society in which everyone can work in a humane and productive way.”

While the bus business is the core, we will actively challenge new businesses other than buses.。Coordinating the area、As a regional revitalization company, we aim to be a “company that plans community development” that creates model regions that revitalize regions.、We will work on creating a town where people can continue to live forever。


Let's lay the foundation for industry and technological innovation

■ Goal 9 "Infrastructure、industrialization、innovation

Building resilient infrastructure,Promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and promote innovation。

“Prepare disaster-resistant infrastructure、Let's develop new technologies and promote a stable industry that benefits many people."


Creating a town where you can continue to live

■ Goal 11 "Sustainable Cities"

Inclusive, Safe and Resilient(Resilient) to achieve sustainable cities and human settlements。

“Let’s create a city where everyone can live safely and is resilient to disasters.”

We are developing new technologies to make public transportation that supports our daily lives more accessible, safer, cheaper and easier.、We will propose a new means of transportation that is easy for everyone to use.。
Bus routes and stops on Google Maps、You can grasp the operation status in real time、Even if you do not know the name of the nearest bus stop, you can now search for the time and route of our route bus.。
Also、Conduct public relations activities using SNS、By creating an environment where anyone can access our information、Aiming for more open public transportation。
The mission of public transportation is to provide safe, secure and comfortable transportation services.。
Eradication of human error through education and training、Hospitality improvement、Daily maintenance and inspection、Strive to improve equipment、Aim for zero serious accidents。


Take concrete measures against climate change

■ Goal 13 "Climate change"

Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts。

"To protect the earth from climate change、Take action now.”

Air pollution、Modern environmental problems and weather abnormalities such as global warming is a serious problem、The Company engaged in passenger transportation industry、To comply with the laws and regulations related to environmental conservation and nature protection as a social responsibility、To promote conservation activities、To reduce the environmental impact、We will continue to the social contribution。Is every、Consider the environmental issues、From that familiar、It is working。
(3) Promotion of recycling (waste separation、Suppression of waste and re-use)
(4) Promotion of green purchasing (aggressive purchase of eco-products、Disposable suppression)


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