About SDGs initiatives in Tokachi Bus

17 goals to change the world

SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals:Sustainable Development Goals)、
"Leave no one behind" Aiming to realize a sustainable and better society、It ’s a universal goal.。

2015It was listed in the "2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development" agreed by all member states at the United Nations Summit of the Year.。
2030Year is the achievement period、17Consists of goals and 169 targets。



Creating a town where you can continue to live

The mission of public transportation is to provide safe, secure and comfortable transportation services.。Safety is also important in the SDGs、Goal 11 states, "By improving traffic safety through the expansion of public transportation, etc."、To all people、Safe, cheap and easy to use、The target is to provide access to a sustainable transportation system.。
As an example of our efforts、"Thorough transportation safety management system"、"Chartered bus operator safety evaluation three-star acquisition" etc.、Eradication of human error through education and training、Hospitality improvement、Daily maintenance and inspection、Strive to improve equipment、Aim for zero serious accidents。


■ Service

Let's lay the foundation for industry and technological innovation Creating a town where you can continue to live

Efforts are needed to realize a society in which everyone can access the transportation system in the SDGs.。
On Google Maps、You can search the time and route of our route bus.。Bus routes and stops、You can grasp the operation status in real time、Even if you don't know the name of the nearest bus stop, you can easily move to your destination.。
Also、Conduct public relations activities using SNS、By creating an environment where anyone can access our information、Aiming for more open public transportation。



Health and welfare for all Take concrete measures against climate change

If you change the means of transportation in your daily life or travel destination to walking, bicycles, or fixed-route buses、Not only will it lead to your own health promotion、Scenery that you wouldn't notice when traveling by private car、Enjoy exercising with friends、You may be able to make new discoveries such as。
By enhancing various mobility (including route buses) in this Tokachi、Increasing the promotion of mobility-restricted people's participation in society and going out、To improve people's health、It leads to the reduction of medical expenses of local governments。

Air pollution、Modern environmental problems and weather abnormalities such as global warming is a serious problem、The Company engaged in passenger transportation industry、To comply with the laws and regulations related to environmental conservation and nature protection as a social responsibility、To promote conservation activities、To reduce the environmental impact、We will continue to the social contribution。Is every、Consider the environmental issues、From that familiar、It is working。
(3) Promotion of recycling (waste separation、Suppression of waste and re-use)
(4) Promotion of green purchasing (aggressive purchase of eco-products、Disposable suppression)

To prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection、We wash hands, gargle, and wear masks for staff.、The route bus operates while opening the windows and replacing the air.。
Hino Motors (Selega) was introduced to ventilate the air inside the intercity highway bus.、Ventilation of the air inside the car is switched for about 5 minutes so that you can ride with confidence.。
Measures to prevent new coronavirus infection、Installation of splash prevention film and infection prevention sheet、Car ventilation、Restrictions on use of some seats、Disinfecting。


■ Living environment

Energy for everyone and clean Both job satisfaction and economic growth Creating a town where you can continue to live

The Company、from now on、While increasing the ratio of businesses other than buses from business development centered on the bus business、While focusing on transportation、Coordinating the area、As a regional revitalization company by creating a model area that revitalizes the region、Working on management。

In working as a regional revitalization company、To create a model district from Obihiro City, Hokkaido, where our company is located、In conjunction with small shared buses and home delivery services developed in the Obihiro area of ​​Obihiro City、We are advocating the "Ozora Micro Strategy Concept" for the same area.。
Considering the development of various convenient facilities in the Ozora area、By connecting the area with a bus etc.、We decided to aim for a comfortable living environment for local residents.、By starting a new accommodation facility, freight business and food distribution business based on that、By combining with existing business、Creating a local community where we can make a significant contribution、I will activate it。
About the sky area、Because it meets the conditions for slow mobility (low-speed vehicle) to function、By intensively investing our management resources、Invite investment from outside、We will lead to big movements for the future。
Based on one of the goals of the SDGs, "town development that allows people to continue living"、About Obihiro City Ozora District、Through creating a safe, secure, environmentally friendly and sustainable town where you can continue to live forever、Create the land of your dreams、Achieving an increase in the resident and related population、We will use it as an index for measures against population decline in Tokachi and Obihiro.。

For our medium- to long-term vision, "Ozora Micro Strategy Concept"、He is also interested in various research fields centered on the Tokyo metropolitan area.、2021In early April of the year、By MaaS (Mobility as a Service), a next-generation public transportation system that seamlessly connects transportation by bus, etc. using ICT technology (information and communication technology)、In collaboration with think tanks exploring the possibilities of community development, KPMG Mobility Research Institute, and other related parties、Visit the sky area, etc.、It is evaluated as "a city of" miracles "that is rare in the world without passing traffic (roads with heavy traffic such as national roads)".。
In our company、futuristic、We also envision the development of worcation in the form of utilizing vacant houses in the district.、If advanced efforts are noticed、I think it will be a material to attract new investment。

We are thinking of working to make the medium- to long-term vision a reality.、Almost no restaurants are open in the Obihiro area of ​​Obihiro city、Eliminating the inconvenience that required moving outside the sky area、From the idea of ​​providing a space that can be easily enjoyed as a place of relaxation for local residents、As an initiative to lead the creation of liveliness in the sky area、We are developing our first restaurant business, a "Yakiniku restaurant" business at the site of a yakitori restaurant.。
In developing the three pillars of "movement, food, and housing," including "food," from the yakiniku restaurant business.、First、Start the yakiniku restaurant business、after that、We will continue to develop other businesses as needed。

About the light freight transportation business、Overlap with demand traffic、In addition to considering the freight transportation business in the future、About mobile sales business、Covering areas where shops are absent due to special vehicles、About mobile space sales business、We are planning to develop various services such as telework by special vehicles.。
Also、About the yakiniku restaurant business、While developing the yakiniku culture unique to Tokachi、About bento sales、Starting from linking with a yakiniku restaurant, we will carry out delivery and combination by demand traffic、About food distribution business、Achieves delivery of semi-cooked ingredients。
For real estate business、Carry out maintenance and management of houses that are mainly vacant houses、About Fureai Minpaku、In addition to coordinating and managing multiple private lodgings utilizing vacant houses and local people and food、We will carry out the hotel cottage management business。
Not only the yakiniku restaurant business、from now on、Necessary for living in the sky area、Develop a service environment required by local residents、We will also work on new businesses such as setting up community spaces.。


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