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4月19日(金)operates on a weekday schedule。Because it's raining、足元にお気を付けくださいまた傘の忘れ物にもご注意ください


just now、There's no news。

School bus

明日4月20日(土)のスクールバス登校便につきまして、Shimizu S、清陵Sが通常運行工業高校も登校日のため【S19】更別~【S11】音更~【S12】芽室~高校S のみ運行致します下校便は清陵Sが10:45Departure、清水Sが下校便11:30Two issued is、Club activity flight is 16:20Outgoing we become the one。


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Recommended for visiting Japanese (Japan residents including foreign) tourists in Tokachi
Recommended to visit foreign tourists
Elementary and junior high school students target
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