Introduction of low-floor bus

Current status and performance low-floor bus Promoting the introduction

Senior citizens、That Act (hereinafter related to the promotion of facilitation of movement of customers such as body people with disabilities using public transportation "Barrier-Free Transportation Law"。) Came into force in November 2000, 15 days。
Also keep us under the Act、In consultation with relevant organizations, etc.、Is where the passenger facilities and barrier-free of such vehicle has been promoted。
Since its introduction two for the first time of the low-floor bus in our company in October 2003、At present, the total vehicle 106 輌中 (inter-city bus、Airport shuttle bus、Vehicle, such as a regular tourist bus except) non-step bus 17 tanks、Become a one-step bus 26 tanks、Non-step, one-step vehicle introduction ratio has become 40.6%。
From the point of view of even aging society and barrier-free future、Low-floor buses in order to activate the use of the bus as public transport、We will continue to promote the introduction of one-step bus。

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