Various ticket and regularly coupons · Coupon the の ご case within


Reciprocating ticket

Types 料 金 Contents
Hiroo Station - Obihiro 大人3,380円、小人1,690円 Cited cutting rate of about 10%
3-day, including the date of issue
Daiki Obihiro Station ~ 大人2,650円、小人1,330円
Obihiro Station-Nukabira source Township 大人2,360円、小人1,180円
Ikeda Obihiro Station 大人1,100円、小人550円
Honbetsu Obihiro Station ~ 大人2,070円、小人1,040円
Ashoro Obihiro Station ~ 大人2,650円、小人1,330円
Rikubetsu Obihiro Station ~ 大人4,070円、小人2,040円


Regularly coupons

Regularly coupon the は travelers が the same stay の the interval the を variable back a few car su ru occasions applicable し ます on.

Types 説 明 Contents
Commuting regularly coupons I do not limit the scope of the applicable passenger. 1ヶ月=運賃×60×0.7(通学約0.58)
2Mon = 1 × 2 × 0.97 months months
3× 3 × 0.95 month = 1 month months
Half Moon = 1 ヶ months × 0.5
The end = regular end number [to school の Mi (end number は 1 ヶ 1 か ら 29 3 ヶ month ma で acquire possible)


To school regularly coupons School Education Act the に to require su ru primary schools, middle schools, colleges, universities, higher 専 door school な ど, male organs が operation and 営 su ru the various schools に 対 し, the school regularly coupons を applies し ます on.
Common regularly coupons I am a season ticket that can be used in common with bus routes colonization (Kamishihoro - Obihiro)
Commuting to school regularly coupons Will apply to students with a school and commuting.
Free season tickets Apply if you want to ride free to stop within a particular region of each line (zone area).

Regular one-way ticket applies to customers using one side only.

Types 説 明 Contents
Tablets Road regularly coupons It is a season ticket only to specify the destination or return flights only, use only one side direction.
Will pay half of the normal season ticket.
The commute regularly coupons to school regularly coupons · common regularly Securities and び 1 ヶ 2 ヶ, 3 ヶ month and a half months, the number of clients す べ て the に 対 応



Types 説 明 Contents
普通回数券(11枚綴り) Available throughout the day 10Three services in the amount of ten services in the amount of one sheet
時間割引回数券(13枚綴り) 下車する時間がAM 10:00~PM 4:00またはPM 7:00以降及び土曜、日曜、祝日終日利用可能


The regular coupons · Coupon take 扱 い place

  • 帯広駅バスターミナル十勝バス案内所
  • Nakasatsunai case within the
  • More other cases within the
  • Zhong class case within the
  • ぬかびら源泉郷案内所
  • 池田案内所(ディスカウント鈴木内)
  • The other case within the
  • Ashoro case within the
  • Visitor Daiki
  • Hiroo shelter
  • Visitor Rikubetsu


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Ticket refund fee

乗車券 Coupon Regularly coupons 団体券
100Yen 210Yen 520Yen 210Yen
おもてなし経営企業選 地域でひかり輝くニッポンのおもてなし企業の秘訣北海道お気軽ひとり旅支援サイト楽得バス13北海道のホテル・宿予約なら「ぐうたび北海道」プレミアホテル-CABIN-帯広北海道コンサドーレ札幌オフィシャルサイト6月2日(土)よりポテトライナー土日祝2往復増回します!帯広まちなか歩行者天国開催によるバス迂回運行交通事故 弁護士バナー広告募集中