Various ticket and regularly coupons · Coupon the の ご case within


Reciprocating ticket

Types 料 金 Contents
Hiroo Station - Obihiro Adult 3,380 yen、Children 1,690 yen Cited cutting rate of about 10%
3-day, including the date of issue
Daiki Obihiro Station ~ Adult 2,650 yen、Children 1,330 yen
Obihiro Station-Nukabira source Township Adult 2,360 yen、Children 1,180 yen
Ikeda Obihiro Station Adult 1,100 yen、Children 550 yen
Honbetsu Obihiro Station ~ Adult 2,070 yen、Children 1,040 yen
Ashoro Obihiro Station ~ Adult 2,650 yen、Children 1,330 yen
Rikubetsu Obihiro Station ~ Adult 4,070 yen、Children 2,040 yen


Regularly coupons

Season ticket will apply if the passenger is indefinite number of times ride a section of the same stop。

Types 説 明 Contents
Commuting regularly coupons It does not limit the scope of application passenger。 1ヶ月=運賃×60×0.7(通学約0.58)
2Mon = 1 × 2 × 0.97 months months
3× 3 × 0.95 month = 1 month months
Half Moon = 1 ヶ months × 0.5
The end = regular end number [to school の Mi (end number は 1 ヶ 1 か ら 29 3 ヶ month ma で acquire possible)


To school regularly coupons Elementary school to prescribe in School Education Act、Junior high school、Colleges and universities、the University、Vocational high school, such as、To the various schools public institutions operated、Apply the commuter pass。
Common regularly coupons I am a season ticket that can be used in common with bus routes colonization (Kamishihoro - Obihiro)
Commuting to school regularly coupons We will apply for students with commuting and the school。
Free season tickets Apply in the case of freely ride each stop of a specific area within the line (zone area)。

One-way commuter pass will apply to you of one side only available。

Types 説 明 Contents
Tablets Road regularly coupons Go only or specify only the destination return、Is a commuter pass to use only one side direction。
Rates will be the usual half-price season ticket。
Commuter tickets, commuter pass, a common season ticket and 1 month、2Months、3Months、Half Moon、Corresponding to all fractional



Types 説 明 Contents
普通回数券(11枚綴り) Available throughout the day 10Three services in the amount of ten services in the amount of one sheet
note:Can be used up to three with the restriction has a single ride use (four or more of use can not be)
時間割引回数券(13枚綴り) Time to get off the AM 10:00~PM 4:00Or PM 7:00Later and Saturday、Sunday、Public holidays throughout the day available


The regular coupons · Coupon take 扱 い place

  • 帯広駅バスターミナル十勝バス案内所
  • Nakasatsunai case within the
  • More other cases within the
  • Zhong class case within the
  • ぬかびら源泉郷案内所
  • 池田案内所(ディスカウント鈴木内)
  • The other case within the
  • Ashoro case within the
  • Visitor Daiki
  • Hiroo shelter
  • Visitor Rikubetsu


The number of tickets、Super Tokachi、Department store、We have a consignment sale of tickets in the hospital shop, etc.。
詳しくはHereplease look at。(PDF 351KB)


Ticket refund fee

乗車券 Coupon Regularly coupons 団体券
100Yen 210Yen 520Yen 210Yen
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