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Basic Policy on Personal Information Protection

Tokachi Bus Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the "Company")、It recognizes the importance of personal information、Thorough the protection and management、In order to obtain the trust of customers、In addition to complying with laws concerning personal information、As a basic policy matters listed below、We will do our all possible measures to protect personal information。

1.(Decrees, etc. の compliance with to と protection)
The Company、With Ensure compliance with, such as Personal Information Protection Law and other laws and regulations、For the protection of personal information、Set up its management officer、Construction of internal control system、By carrying out the safety measures of the operational and systems、We will appropriate protection of personal information。
2.(The purpose of the collection and use of personal information)
Our company when collecting personal information、On consent explicitly the purpose of use、Limited to the business on the extent necessary to collect、I do not do is use other than its intended use。
3.(Safety measures and proper management of personal information)
We take appropriate measures to keep your personal information accurate and up-to-date state、The information strictly manage、Take you unauthorized access or loss, destruction, alteration, leakage, etc. to the appropriate safety measures to personal information。
4.(Employee training and responsibilities)
The Company、Officers and for all employees、Laws and regulations relating to the protection of personal information、Education conducted to comply with such internal rules and other norms、Confidentiality and disclosure of personal information known on the duties、Responsible for will be known thoroughly, such as prohibition with respect to improper purpose use。
5.(Supervision of subcontractors)
The Company、To the accomplishment of the legitimate purposes、If you want to provide personal information to the extent necessary to entrust the company、Carefully selected its contractors、In the contract, etc.、Management of personal information、To keep secret、Prohibition of re-submission、Defined as not, such as leakage of personal information、Appropriate management、We will carry out supervision。
6.(Continuous improvement)
The Company for the organizational structure for executing rules and it related to the handling of personal information、To manage and necessary corrections as appropriate operation is carried out、We will continue to improve the personal information protection efforts。

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