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Office name Residence Phone number FAX番号 Office hours
Obihiro headquarters No. 1-chome, Bands the Hiro City West 23 North 0155-37-6500 0155-37-6585  
Bands 広 agency (loan-to-cut part) No. 1-chome, Bands the Hiro City West 23 North 0155-37-6525 0155-37-6585  
Obihiro Station bus terminal Bands the Hiro City West 2 South 12 chome 4 Fan 2 0155-23-5171 0155-21-2611 定期券取り扱い時間
9:00-17:00(Day Festival)
Visitor Obihiro Airport Bands Hiroshi Izumi-cho West 9 lines 8-41
In the airport building
0155-64-4078   始発バス到着~最終バス出発
Nakasatsunai case within the Hexi counties Nakasatsunai Village Chase South 3-12 0155-68-3823   6:50-7:50
(Day Festival Holidays)
More other cases within the Kasai-gun, the other villages south 2-19 0155-52-2808   6:40-7:40
(Day Festival Holidays)
Zhong class case within the Churui village Churui Hiro-gun 01558-8-2832   7:00-8:00
(Day Festival Holidays)
Visitor Daiki Hiro Tail County Dashu cho West through 98 gu
First floor in the center economy Taiki
01558-6-2003   9:30-18:00
(Day Festival Holidays)
Hiroo shelter
(The old Hiro tail 駅)
2 Maruyamadorikita county town Hiroo Hiroo 01558-2-2003   5:30~17:15(月~金)6:00~17:15(土日祝)
ぬかびら源泉郷案内所 The Hedong county Kamishihoro-cho bran, flat streets 01564-4-2324 5:55~17:00
Ikeda case within the
  015-572-4534   9:00~19:00
The other case within the
(Roadside station)
  0156-22-5819   10:00~17:00
(9:00~17:00 5月~10月)
Ashoro case within the Ashoro-gun Ashoro North 1-1 0156-25-2738   8:30~16:30
(Day Festival Holidays)
Visitor Rikubetsu   0156-27-3878   9:00~17:00
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