Expanded purchase area of ​​"Higashi Hokkaido Transportation Network Traveling by Bus or Rail"。-Expanding bus routes in the Obihiro / Asahikawa / Monbetsu Airport area to improve convenience-

Cool in summer。Travel around Hokkaido freely by bus and train Eastern Hokkaido is economical and convenient to travel around by connecting buses and trains。Furano's lavender field and Biei's "blue pond"、Asahikawa Zoo、Cape Nosappu, etc.、Beautiful nature and gourmet food、Let's enjoy Hokkaido unique to summer。 Click here for details

Intercity Express Bus Potato Liner Consignment Ticket Office "YS Yamasho Nishi 23 Jominami Store" Closed

Thank you for using the inter-city high-speed bus Potato Liner on a regular basis.、Thank you very much。 About Potato Liner consignment ticket sales "YS Yamasho Nishi 23 shop"、 Reiwa 7/22/4(金)From mid-October、We will be closed due to facility renovation etc.。 Regarding、During this period, we will suspend the Potato Liner ticket issuing service at "YS Yamasho Nishi 23-jo".。 It should be noted、during holidays、Customers who wish to issue a Potato Liner ticket near "YS Yamasho Nishi 23-jo store"、 "Tokachi Bus Headquarters" (business hours 8:30~18:00).。 *Please contact Obihiro Station Bus Terminal Sapporo Line Reservation Center (TEL::0155-23-3489) after making a reservation for the bus.。 We apologize for the inconvenience、 Thank you for your understanding.。


Bus of the car accident ask Public Interest Incorporated Orchestra Japan bus Association for the prevention ◆ in the "on-board accident prevention campaign" Japan bus Association、Until July 1, 2006 to July 31, we carry out "on-board accident prevention campaign" simultaneously nationwide。Everyone of the available bus、We ask that you pay attention to the following points。   ◆ During traveling without leaving the seat、When leaving the seat even during Please note traveling to sudden brake、You may want to get hurt unexpected due to a fall。When you get off the、Bus Please start your seat from completely stopped arrived to stop。 Also、But we have devoted to the bus safe driving、There is a case to apply a sudden braking forced。For the fully booked、To when you use become Otachi is、Please hold firmly to the strap and grip bar。 Thank you for your understanding and cooperation of everyone in the car accident prevention of bus。

Information on timetable revision [June 21, 4th year of Reiwa](Fire)】

Thank always thank you indeed for whats available Tokachi bus。The timetable will be revised on June 21, 4th (Tuesday).。We ask to everyone of your available、So thank you look forward to your understanding。   (1) Change of operation time 1. [60] Hiroo Line The first departure time will be advanced by 10 minutes only for the following flights.。 From Hiroo Sales Office 6:54 ⇒ 6:44 From Obihiro Station Bus Terminal 16:45 ⇒ 16:35 PDFはこちら 2. [S12] Memuro-High School School Line The first train time will be advanced by 5 minutes.。 Memuro General Gymnasium Departure 7:18 ⇒ 7:13 Click here for PDF (2) Relocation of the stop ① "Minamimori Nishi 1-chome" * [70] Ozora Danchi Line (via national highway) [72] Ozora Danchi Line (via Shirakaba Dori) 75m northeast of the bus stop for the Ozora Danchi area Move around。There is no change in operation time, route, etc. due to this change.。 Click here for PDF (3) Change the name of the bus stop The name of the following bus stop will be changed.。There is no change in operation time, route, etc. due to this change.。 (Current) In front of Takashima Post Office → (New) In front of Takashima A Corp. (Current) In front of Senbiri Nursery School → (New) Senbiri Motomachi (Current) Fujimaru Mae → (New) Obihiro Post Office / Fujimaru Mae

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