[5% point reduction] cashless consumers about reducing business [October 1,(Fire)~】

Ryowa first year October 1, from (Tuesday)、In response to the start of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry cashless consumer reducing business、For those who have purchased a season ticket 5% point reduction will be carried out in the NC card and Nissenren card。 Other target store Obihiro Station Bus Terminal、All of the guide window except the Honbetsu guide window will become the target。 I'd love to、Please use the credit card to take this opportunity。 With regard to the card-reduction method to be point reduction、Please check the NC card and Nissenren Jefferies miss Homepage。 https://cashless.go.jp

For sale the end of the planning ticket "Haneda Keikyu ticket"

Than Dear、We use the Tokachi bus、Thank you very much。 "Haneda Keikyu ticket" is、2019Have September 30 year (month)、It will end the sale。 The customer's use will apologize for any inconvenience、Thank you look forward for your understanding。 Long patronage Thank truly thank you。 It should be noted、For advance ticket sale is、2019It will be September 30, a year to use the start of content。

The implementation of "MaaS" demonstration experiments [2019 October 1,(Fire)To 31(Wood)】

In Hokkaido、Toward the realization of movement is stress-free high convenience、We will conduct a demonstration experiment of MaaS utilizing the smartphone the Tokachi as a model region。In this first installment of、Route and time to the destination、Search costs、You can see the tourist information。 More convenient journey of Tokachi。Please by all means try to experience。 ※ mechanism that can provide MaaS ··· search, reservation and payment of a plurality of mobile means as one of service。   Search system mixway (mix-way) function route search public transportation (rail-route bus airplane) is available route search using the。 Also displays the fare-price for each path when using the fare-billing multiple of public transportation。 Free pass introduce you will find the route that can be used deals free pass ticket, such as "Visit Tokachi path"。 Hokkaido Homepage PDF for demonstration experiment here.

"Pokemon Hokkaido love discovery Corps Arora Lokon、Adventure Hokkaido aboard the Lokon and bus! "campaign

"Pokemon Hokkaido love discovery Corps Arora Lokon、Adventure Hokkaido aboard the Lokon and bus! "Campaign - Hokkaido I love discovery team and try to get the bus big card! - period:Ryowa first year (2019), August 1 (Thursday) to September 30 (Monday) September 21 (Sat) to September 29 (Sunday) 9 days of the response to a single ticket purchase two of the Pokemon card Te is get! ! PDF is here.

For bug bus location system (PINA)

Always we received available Tokachi bus、Thank you very much。 I'm home、Bus location system that can determine the current position of the bus in the smartphone app”PINA”Cause trouble to、Not part of the vehicle position is displayed symptoms may have occurred。 We apologize that we have to hear that very worry, inconvenience to customers using。 just now、5 Toward the end of the month recovery around you will find the extensive correspondence in。 But it is very grateful for the inconvenience、Thank you for patience until recovery。  

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