[Special plan] Notice of order suit sales event

Special plan ORDER SUITS FAIR Order suit sales event date:令和3年2月4日(木)・5日(金)     4日/10:00~19:00     5日/10:00~18:00 place :Tokachi Bus Co., Ltd. Headquarters 3rd floor special venue Product example (tax included) Special service suit <tailored> ¥ 33,000 Special offer outlet suit <tailored> ¥ 119,900 ▶ Special price ¥ 64,900 ¥ 163,900 ▶ Special price ¥ 86,900 System order suit All-season suit 40WEEKS ¥ 53,900 Blazer ¥ 38,500 High-performance suit ANTI-PIEGA ¥ 64,900 Formal suit ¥ 64,900 Slacks ¥ 16,500 Order shirt ¥ 8,800 Tie ¥ 5,500

About ventilation of air in the bus

Our intercity express buses and chartered buses、We have introduced an operation mode that replaces the air inside the car in about 5 minutes.、You can board with confidence。 Also、Also for shared route buses、By opening and closing the door and operating the ventilation fan when getting on and off、You can replace the air inside the car in about 3 minutes.。 The other day、Use our chartered bus、An experimental event was held on the ventilation performance inside the bus.。 I took a picture of that、Please see in the video。  

GO TO Travel Campaign Coupons Now Available

Tokachi Bus Tokachi Obihiro Airport Counter、You can use the GO TO Travel Campaign Coupon at the Obihiro Station Bus Terminal window。 Including each general ticket、Various bus packs that include a round-trip ticket, admission to popular tourist facilities, and discount coupons、General route bus for those who live outside the Tokachi area、You can purchase products such as "VISIT TOKACHI PASS" that allows unlimited rides on Obihiro Airport shuttle buses within the Tokachi area.。 electronic、We support both paper coupons。electronic、We support both paper coupons。 One-day route bus pack VISIT TOKACHI PASS(Visit Tokachi path)

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