[Revised on April 1, 2020] Notice of timetable revision for Obihiro Asahikawa Line intercity bus "Northliner"

Thank always thank you indeed for whats available Tokachi bus。 From April 1, 2020、Timetable revisions will be implemented on the Obihiro Asahikawa Line intercity bus "North Liner"。 【change point】 1. Correction date: April 1, Reiwa 6 (month) 2. Change details (1) Change of frequency of service、Changes in operating hours now、There are 4 round trips in total: 3 round trips via Karikachi Pass and 1 round trip via Mikuni Pass.、Increased number of flights via Karikachi Pass by 2 round trips、There will be a total of 6 round trips.。together、We will also change the operating time.。 (2) New stop construction、Relocation: A new "Ochiai" stop will be established on National Route 38 near Ochiai Station on the Nemuro Main Line.。 Also、The "Biei" stop will be relocated from the current route 237 in front of Biei Station.、The stop name has been changed to "Biei Ekimae"。   Location of new/relocated stops、Please check the following for the changed service times and fares.。 "Biei Ekimae" stop location relocated "Ochiai" stop new location North Liner revised timetable/fare Click here for enlarged version Due to the new "Ochiai" stop、We will set the fare as below.。(One-way fare) Ochiai - Asahikawa Station、Kagura 4-jo 8-chome、In front of Asahikawa Medical University Hospital、Asahikawa Airport 2,100 yen Ochiai ~ Biei Station 1,600 yen Ochiai ~ Kamifurano 1,400 yen Ochiai ~ Nakafurano 1,000 yen Ochiai ~ Furano Station 800 yen Ochiai ~ Yamabe 700 yen Ochiai ~ Roadside Station Minamifurano 500 yen Ochiai ~ Shintoku Station 800 yen Ochiai - Shimizu、Mikage 1,000 yen Ochiai ~ Memuro 1,400 yen Ochiai ~ Nishiobihiro New Town、Obihiro Station Bus Terminal 1,600 yen The fare for "Biei Ekimae" is the same as the current "Biei"。 Other、There are no changes to fares.。

2023Announcement of operation of the year [year-end and New Year holidays / Hatsumode bus]

A big empty 団 ground(Via National Route 38)about、The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism is also conducting a co-creation model demonstration project within Ozora Danchi.、Basically, the service will operate on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays schedule, except for New Year's Day.、There are no other special suspensions during the day.。 PDFはこちら PDFはこちら

Ozora Local Hub opens [November 1, 2023](水)~】

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Co-creation model demonstration project in Tokachi and Obihiro By having local residents actually use the service、Sharing your voice with business operators、We aim to implement services that are loved and used sustainably by local residents.。 At “Oozora Local Hub”、We will provide various services。Please feel free to use it.。 Event period: November 1, 2023(水)~January 31, 2024(水) *Closed during the year-end and New Year holidays from 12/29 to 1/3 *This is a demonstration experiment period。2We will be open from Monday onwards。 Business hours/11:00~18:30 Location: Ozora Local Hub (12-1-14 Ozora-cho, Obihiro City) Click here for PDF

Notice of bus suspension and detour service due to Food Valley Marathon 2023 [October 29, 2020](Day)】

1.Circulation line (Shirakaba-dori - Obihiro Station) PDF is here 2. Circular line (Obihiro Station - Shirakaba-dori) PDF is here 73. Self-Defense Force Inada Line PDF is here 70. Ozora Danchi Line via National Route 38 72. Ozora Danchi Line Shirakaba Line Via Click here for PDF 41. Otofuke Line 41-1. Shinryoku-dori Line (Shinryoku-dori - Obihiro Station) Click here for PDF 41. Otofuke Line (Obihiro Station - Shinryoku-dori) Click here for PDF 6. Higashi 8-jo Line 7. Suiko Line PDF Click here 3. Minamisho Line 21. Minamisho Akashiya Line 3-1. Kashiwaba High School/General Promotion Bureau Line PDF is here 49. Kamishihoro Line 51. Nukabira Line 45. Tokachigawa Onsen Line PDF is here 36. Shinmachi Line 31 .Memuro Line 32. Shimizu Obihiro Line Tokachi Obihiro Airport Line PDF is here 60. Hiroo Line PDF is here 17. Obihiro Rikubetsu Line 10. Makubetsu Line PDF is here

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