Information on schedule revision [August 21, 2023(Month)】

2023 Years 8 Month 2 日(Wed)13:00 | Announcement |

Thank always thank you indeed for whats available Tokachi bus。
Schedule revision will be implemented on Monday, August 21, 2023。
We ask to everyone of your available、So thank you look forward to your understanding。



1. Reduced number of routes / change of operation time

【1】【2】circular line

[70] Ozora Danchi Line (via Route 38)

*Some service times have changed.

[41] Otofuke Line、[41-1] Fresh green line

*Some service times have changed.

[3] Nansho Line、[3-1] Kashiwaba High School/General Promotion Bureau Line、[21] Nansho Akashiya Line

*Some time changes:"Shinryokudori 23" (Sanjo High School/Tokachi Bus Headquarters bound) will be 1 minute earlier.。

[60] Hiroo Line

*The operation time has been changed as a whole.。Please be sure to check。

[10] Makubetsu Line

[36] Shinmachi Line

*Some service times have changed.

[31] Memuro Line

[6] Higashi 8-jo Line

2. Abolition of routes

[28] Loop Line Kita-mawari [29] Loop Line Minami-mawari
[S2] Agricultural High School/Ryokuyo High School School Line
[S5] Higashi 13-jo (National Highway) - Otani/Nansho/Sanjo School Line
[S7] Higashi 13-jo (Racetrack) - Otani/Nansho Line


Guidance of substitute bus

Some of the notices distributed to schools have been discontinued as of August 21.。
It will be abolished on August 20th.。
I'm sorry, but please check。

3. Change of operating system

[S8] Makubetsu Seiryo High School School Line

The service route and the first departure time have been changed as follows.。

4.Stop name change

The names of the following bus stops will be changed。
There is no change in operation time, route, etc. due to this change.。

  • Monbetsu Entrance      → Ishizaka Monbetsu Bridge
  • Nursery entrance → Nozuka Line 2
  • Obihiro Post Office/Fujimaru-mae → Obihiro Post Office/Former Fujimaru-mae
  • Kawanishi 2 → Seiryuhigashi 2-chome


2022Winter ダイヤ correction December 5, 2020 (Month)

Information on schedule revision [August 21, 2023(Month)】

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