Participation in local employment creation project work briefing session

2020 Years 7 Month 14 Day (Tue) 11:12 | Announcement |

We will inform you about participation in the "workshop briefing session"。
As part of the regional activation job creation project、Seminars for job seekers to promote full-time employment of middle-aged and elderly employees who are expected to be ready to work for over 35 years of age in "manufacturing, IT, food, tourism related companies"、Work briefing、It will be held according to the following outline。
It should be noted、We will hold the event while working on measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection throughout the venue。

Date and time:2020年7月30日(Wood)12:00~12:30
募集職種:Handyman staff (life support department) *There is no recruitment of bus drivers this time.。
Participation fee:無料


ご入場の際の注意事項(Measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection)

  • At the entrance of the venue, the temperature will be measured using a non-contact thermometer.、If you have a high fever or have a cough、We may refuse admission。
  • I will give you a mask and vinyl gloves、Please be sure to wear it at the venue。(Seminar lecturer、Participating companies、I will wear all the staff)
Participation in local employment creation project work briefing session

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