Environmental policy

Air pollution、Modern environmental problems and weather abnormalities such as global warming is a serious problem、The Company engaged in passenger transportation industry、To comply with the laws and regulations related to environmental conservation and nature protection as a social responsibility、To promote conservation activities、To reduce the environmental impact、We will continue to the social contribution。



Is every、Consider the environmental issues、From that familiar、Let's efforts to not apply the load。



  1. (1)エコドライブの実施(エコ運転やアイドリング・ストップ)
    (3) Promotion of recycling (waste separation、Suppression of waste and re-use)
    (4) Promotion of green purchasing (aggressive purchase of eco-products、Disposable suppression)
  2. Set the environmental objectives and targets、Understand、Run regularly management。
  3. Environmental policy、And well-known to employees and related organizations、To carry out educational programs on environmental protection。
  4. Environmental Policy will be published both inside and outside the company through the website。

Tokachi Bus Co., Ltd.
代表取締役社長 野村 文吾



Since the oil is not prevailing in each part immediately after the start of the engine、You will need warm-up operation for a certain period of time。Time the oil is spread over the entire engine is said to be about 1 minute。(During the high rotation because it will shorten the life of the engine、It is not performed。) Measure of service before the warm-up operation is 1 minute summer、Winter 10 minutes、Other season 3 minutes、It consumes the fuel of about 30CC at idle for one minute。1And to reduce the idling of the day 10 minutes、130CC × 10 minutes in the year × 365 days × 123 units = 13.468.500CC
In the amount of money it will save more than one million yen。
Customer waiting time at charter、Terminal、When the time adjustment in the first train location、Let's try an idling stop。
Refueling Let's try to 8 minutes th。(Plug-in to the back of the fuel supply port、Quit in was automatically stopped。) Will improve fuel economy by lightly the vehicle weight。In addition to prevent light oil leakage at the time of full tank。(exception:Credit cut vehicles, etc.)
Sudden acceleration and acceleration and sudden stop is not only a waste of fuel、Premature wear of the tire、Accelerate the vehicle of pain、It will be a factor in inducing the in-vehicle accident, etc.。Accelerator of depression at the start Let's kept to about 80%。Fuel than normal starting and acceleration becomes savings 15-20%、And also leads to safe driving。
4. Economic speed、Constant speed operation
The situation of the road, but is different、It Are You the most desirable ran for the fuel consumption to be traveling at a constant speed。Wavy operation or release or stepped on the accelerator is、It will also be increased by 10% or more of the fuel consumption。The best way to improve fuel economy is to run at the lowest possible speed and at a constant speed using the upper gear.。
40km / h on general roads、80km / h on the highway、This is the most economical speed。
Keeping the exhaust brake on、Under unnecessarily slowing down、Extra fuel is needed for reacceleration。Understand the correct usage and try not to leave it in。When using the exhaust brake on a downhill、Let's switch on the exhaust brake after releasing the accelerator pedal。
When you have to stop or decelerate、Take your foot off the accelerator pedal early、Let's switch to coasting。The diesel engine goes into a "fuel-free state" when you take your foot off the accelerator pedal.。By using this state a lot, the energy saving effect will increase.。


  1. When the traffic light ahead is "red"。
  2. When a "red light" is predicted before the traffic light at the speed of your vehicle。
  3. Turn left at the intersection、When you have to slow down to turn right。
  4. Drop off、There are passengers、When you always stop at the bus stop。
  5. When stopping from the highway to the tollhouse、When you get off at the interchange again。
In recent years, the performance of buses has improved and the horsepower of engines has also improved.。Judging the condition of load, road surface, etc. based on abundant experience、3rd speed early、4speed、5Let's speed up and shift up。If there is a lot of low-speed gear operation、It consumes more fuel.。


  • 1速走行  ⇒  50CC
  • 2速走行  ⇒  40CC
  • 3速走行  ⇒  26CC
  • 4速走行  ⇒  14CC

You can see that the lower the gear position, the higher the consumption.。

Even if you are running at the same speed, there will be a big difference in fuel consumption depending on the rotation of the engine.。
Keep engine revs within the green zone。

Is the standard。
(When climbing a pass between cities, chartered, etc., the engine temperature may rise if the rotation is low, so there are exceptions to the above.。)

When cooling / heating is used, fuel for heating / cooling is consumed in addition to fuel for running.。Therefore, it must be used without waste.。
As a method、It is necessary to always keep the temperature inside the car at an appropriate temperature.。If the temperature inside the car is too hot or too cold, it will damage the health of the customer.。Proper use of heating and cooling not only saves fuel、Don't forget that it will improve your service
When starting the engine、I often see people waiting for traffic lights and doing meaningless air blowing.。noise、Not only air pollution and waste of fuel、It is prohibited as it will cause trouble to others。
The earth、While being warmed by the energy of sunlight、This warmed heat energy is released into outer space。
By performing both of these repetitive exercises in a well-balanced manner、We maintain an average temperature that is comfortable for humankind to live in.。
However, when the concentration of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2) rises, the movement to release warmed heat into outer space is hindered.、The earth is wrapped in a greenhouse barrier、The temperature of the earth's surface will rise more than necessary。
The Kyoto Protocol was launched from this perspective.、We are working to protect the global environment with numerical targets.。
To leave the beautiful natural environment of Obihiro and Tokachi to the next generation、It is the responsibility of us public transportation companies、We believe that we will contribute to the local community。
Finally [Energy-saving driving is safe driving]、Please be aware again that safe driving is the origin of customer service.。
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