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2019.08.20 観光バス
Trying to feel the Welcome ♪ wilderness to the forest of adventure! "Day Bus Tour"
2019.08.19 Announcement
30th Doshin Tokachi River fireworks venue bound guidance of bus
2019.08.17 Bus
Regarding bypass operation due to "the 41 once hood 7,000 of the Festival"
2019.07.31 観光バス
Mitsui Outlet Park Sapporo Kita-Hiroshima shopping bus tour [September-November]
2019.07.30 Announcement
46th Ikeda autumn wine festival of Ikeda Wine Castle snow bus News
2019.07.30 Announcement
"Pokemon Hokkaido love discovery Corps Arora Lokon、Adventure Hokkaido aboard the Lokon and bus! "campaign
2019.07.29 Announcement
[Obihiro Station ⇔ Tokachimakubetsu] empty-handed bicycle rental[7月27日(土)- November 4(Month celebration)]
2019.07.29 Announcement
The revised application of vans bus fare due to the consumption tax hike
2019.07.25 観光バス
[Satsunai river upstream]Summer slump trekking tour of [August 31, 2008(土)】
2019.07.24 Bus
Has become a model room of the Japanese garden, Western-style garden, landscape garden measuring 25,000 square meters and the plant。Also、Set of "Natsuzora" has been free public
2019.07.24 Bus
Let the city of walking load 6 places try to win by bus
2019.07.23 観光バス
Enjoy picking Hamanasu healing journey day bus tour [September 7(土)】
2019.07.04 観光バス
Rafting & BBQ in enjoy ♪ Shintoku the summer "day bus tour"
2019.07.04 Announcement
Day route bus pack to "beat museum, Mitsuru Kotobukiya bread Mugion bus pack" available customers
2019.07.02 Bus
Guidance of the transfer bus stop [Obihirokoseibyoin]
2019.07.01 Announcement
2019.06.21 観光バス
"Yubari King all-you-can-eat" Yuni Garden Kobayashi brewing satiety bus tour
2019.06.12 Bus
2019Announcement of the bus stop change by Obihiro Machinaka pedestrian
2019.06.11 観光バス
Guidance of forest festival 2019 shuttle bus of the universe [September 7(土)】
2019.06.05 観光バス
2019 Chitose Air Base aviation festival day bus tour [August 4(Day)】
2019.06.04 Announcement
Guidance of the "39th Yachiyo Farm Festival shuttle bus"
2019.05.31 観光バス
Tokachi Agri panoramic tour [June 25(Fire)】
Hokkaido Tokachi Food and Wine Festival 2019 Pre-Event
2019.05.28 Announcement
5Has released a month 29 days timetable revision of open data (GTFS-JP)。
2019.05.24 Announcement
The 15th will be held the health lecture [June 18,(Fire)10:30~】
2019.05.20 Bus
2019.04.27 Announcement
[Luggage transport service] resumption of empty-handed bicycle rental[4月27日(土)- Registration starts]
2019.04.27 Bus
[Go on route bus] will guide you through the - location of the city -
2019.04.25 Announcement
For bug bus location system (PINA)
2019.04.15 観光バス
Mitsui Outlet Park Sapporo Kita-Hiroshima shopping bus tour - June 30(Day)】
2019.04.08 Announcement
Notice of bus service during the Golden Week period
2019.04.05 観光バス
2019Announcement of the year Tokachi regular tourist bus service
2019.04.01 Bus
Has released the Tokachi bus open data (GTFS-JP)。
2019.03.26 Bus
And the acceptance of sale than "eco-commuting corporate season ticket", "business enterprise path," the March 29, 2019 (Friday)。
2019.03.22 Bus
It has released the route bus information by the "Google Maps"。
2019.03.20 Announcement
3For school bus service of the month 22 days
2019.03.18 Bus
[April 8, 2008 - Announcement of Gangneung High School School change
2019.03.18 Announcement
Special collaboration project with Tokachi bus and Softbank began。Win a Discount coupons We look forward to your visit!
2019.03.01 Bus
3/1Sales start of a more "Hokkaido Budget Bus Pass" visit to Japan for foreigners excursion path! !
2019.02.12 観光バス
[Hakodate arrival and departure "Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo" support bus tour 2019
2019.02.12 観光バス
[Obihiro arrival and departure "Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo" support bus tour 2019
2019.02.07 Bus
You can use the electronic money "WAON" in the Self-Defense Forces Inada line and Obihiro University line
2018.12.25 Announcement
[It's fine Tokachi] hotel accommodation & Day route bus pack
2018.12.13 観光バス
2019Year winter of "Nukabira source Township bus pack" [appointment]
2018.10.23 Bus
[For Japanese tourists] Tokachi route bus ride unlimited for "Visit Tokachi path" is released
2018.10.23 Announcement
[For foreign tourists] Tokachi route bus ride unlimited for the "VISIT TOKACHI PASS"
2018.10.23 Announcement
[Luggage transport service] Announcement of empty-handed bicycle rental[10Monday 24th,,ja,Monday the 7th,,ja,Monday 11th,,ja,Monday 29th,,ja,Monday the 12th,,ja(水)- Registration starts]
2018.10.19 Bus
Find information about bus service due to the "2018 Food Valley Tokachi Marathon" (2018/10/28 held)
2018.10.03 Announcement
【October 27,,ja,】 Driving experience holding event decision at Obihiro driver's license examination place! !,,ja,It is information from Tokachi district bus association to which Tokachi bus is also a member.,,ja,October 27, Heisei 30,,ja,From the Obihiro driver's license examination place,,,ja,We will hold "Bus driving experience and joint employment consultation meeting".,,ja(土)】帯広運転免許試験場にて運転体験イベント開催決定!!
2018.09.19 Announcement
Notice of the 63th Iwanai-senge Momiji Festival Venue direct bus,ja
2018.08.31 観光バス
2018.08.08 Announcement
【Bus type key light】 Present for those who use the day trip route bus pack! !,ja
2018.06.08 Announcement
2018.05.24 Announcement
2018.05.23 Announcement
2018.05.11 Announcement
2018.03.30 Announcement
2018.03.14 Announcement
2018.03.02 Bus
2018.02.28 観光バス
2018年夏 とかち定期観光バス運行のお知らせ
2017.12.25 Announcement
2017.10.31 Bus
外国人観光客向け十勝管内路線バス乗り放題チケット「VISIT TOKACHI PASS」について
2017.09.20 Announcement
2017.08.29 Announcement
【本日オープン】ベンリーかちばす帯広大通店 暮らしの困ったを解決!
2017.03.31 Bus
2017.01.24 Announcement
2017.01.10 Announcement
2016.12.26 Announcement
2016.12.02 Announcement
2016.11.30 Announcement
[Limited number of]バス型キーライト(十勝バス創立90周年記念)好評発売中!
2016.10.21 Announcement
The secret of Light shining Japan hospitality companies in the hospitality management companies election regionRakutoku bus 13If Hokkaido Hotels and inn reservations "Gutabi Hokkaido"Premier Hotel -CABIN- ObihiroHokkaido Consadole Sapporo official siteHokkaido Hidaka traffic busWILLER Hokkaido Nature Pass2019Announcement of the bus stop change by Obihiro Machinaka pedestrianSummer Zola stage Obihiro TokachiDental clinic Malo Clinic SapporoBanner ad Wanted