List of new significant intelligence


2021.10.22 Announcement
[October 31st-November 30th] Notice of reduced number of airport shuttle buses
2021.10.07 Announcement
Information on Tokachi Sauna Bath Pack [October 1, 2021-March 31, 2022]
2021.09.29 Announcement
10From the 8th of March, some of the reduced flights of Potato Liner will be canceled and it will be 10 round trips.。
2021.09.28 Announcement
[October 1st to October 30th] Notice of reduced number of airport shuttle buses
2021.08.31 Bus
Call me Ozo Liner! Information on easy outing flights [Renewal on July 31]
2021.07.26 Bus
[Summer vacation limited plan] Unlimited rides on Tokachi bus routes [July 22nd to August 18th]
2021.07.08 Announcement
We are working on Accident Eradication Strengthening Month [July 1-31]
2021.07.07 Announcement
About resumption of intercity highway bus service
2021.07.01 Announcement
2021.07.01 Bus
2021July 1, 2014 Open data (GTFS-JP) for timetable revision has been released.。
2021.06.14 Bus
About timetable revision
2021.05.19 Announcement
Reducing intercity express bus from Sapporo Obihiro Line
2021.05.17 Announcement
Mobile versions of "Obihiro 1day Ride Ticket" and "Tokachi 2day Ride Ticket" are now available
2021.05.13 Bus
Various tickets for smartphones are now on sale! !!
2021.05.13 Announcement
About reduction of intercity express bus
2021.04.27 Bus
[April 29-May 5 only] Visit Tokachi Pass special sale "Unlimited rides on Tokachi jurisdiction route buses"
2021.03.10 Announcement
Information on temporary bus service for the late entrance examination of Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine
2021.03.08 Announcement
Received the 11th "The Most Valuable Company in Japan" Grand Prize
2021.02.18 Announcement
Information on extra bus accompanying admission to Obihiro Animals University,,ja,Tokachi River Shiratori Festival "Aya Rinka" Announcement of extra bus service,,ja,Costco · Mitsui outlet park Sapporo holiday ♪ shopping in Kitahiroshima ♪,,ja,Notice of "Hiyoro Old-fashioned Tour Bus" service,,ja,List is here,,ja
2021.02.17 Announcement
Information on Hokkaido Tokachi MaaS project [Demonstration period February 18-March 31, 2021]
2021.01.21 Announcement
Jewelry Ice Bus & Taxi Pack [January 23](土)~ February 28(Day)】
2021.01.21 Announcement
About reduction of intercity express bus
2021.01.20 Bus
About the introduction of the congestion information provision system in the bus
2021.01.14 Announcement
[The city between バ su]Notice of temporary suspension of sales of premium coupons
2020.12.08 Bus
Notice of Obihiro Rikubetsu Line Timetable Revision [December 10](Wood)】
2020.12.08 Bus
【12月10日(Wood)~] Notice of time change at Makubetsu Seiryo / Koryo High School
2020.12.08 Bus
Notice of regular operation of local buses on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays
2020.11.26 Announcement
Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine (Reiwa 2nd year) Special Entrance Examination Special Bus Information [November 28]
2020.11.26 Bus
Start of trial operation of school commuter pass by smartphone! !!
2020.11.11 Announcement
About new coronavirus infection of our employees (bus crew)
2020.11.05 Announcement
About ventilation of air in the bus
2020.10.12 Announcement
GO TO Travel Campaign Coupons Now Available
2020.09.28 Announcement
Information on the start of operation of "Outing Easy Flight Ozo Liner"
2020.09.24 Announcement
【Limited period】[The city between バ su]Notice of premium coupon sale
2020.08.25 Announcement
Do you not participate in smartphone stamp rally with visit tokachi pass?
2020.08.12 Bus
"Naitai Kogen Farm" Bus & Taxi Pack
2020.08.06 Bus
"Seasonal Vegetable Harvest Experience & Happiness Station" Bus & Taxi Pack
2020.08.06 Bus
Garden Spa Tokachigawa Onsen activity plan with instructor [hot yoga/cycling]
2020.07.28 Announcement
[Obihiro Airport ⇔ Obihiro Station] Hand-held bicycle rental[8月1日(土)~ November 30(Month)]
2020.07.21 Bus
Notice of change of flight out of service on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays of the local bus (between July 23 and the time being)
2020.07.16 Bus
7Electronic money "WAON" can be used on the Ozora housing complex line from 17th of May
2020.07.14 Announcement
Participation in local employment creation project work briefing session
2020.06.24 Bus
Guidance of Gakuen Expressway Holiday Service (Demonstration Test)
2020.06.10 Bus
2020May 21, 2015 Open data (GTFS-JP) for timetable revision is released。
2020.05.25 観光バス
2020Announcement of year-long sightseeing bus
2020.05.07 Bus
Information for timetable revision [May 21st(Wood)】
2020.04.30 Announcement
Asahikawa Obihiro Line Intercity Bus Reduction (from May 1 for the time being)
2020.04.16 Announcement
Refund of commuter pass due to reasons such as decentralized school decision
2020.04.01 Bus
It will be on route bus to be able to use the "PayPay (Beibei)"。
2020.03.26 Announcement
4Month fare changes of inter-city bus "North liner" than one day。
2020.03.23 Announcement
For the launch of "Hokkaido Hotel Mall hot spring sauna" (day trip bus pack)
2020.03.19 Bus
For various handling in reduced service period of the route bus
2020.02.21 Bus
2019Has released the December 2 days timetable revision of open data (GTFS-JP)。
2020.02.04 Announcement
(February 2020) Air de Tokyo(Haneda)- The airport shuttle bus of increasing times due to Obihiro line increase flights operated
2020.02.04 Announcement
About (2020, February) Tokachi Obihiro Airport arrival and departure and international charter flights increased airport shuttle bus times due to flight
2019.11.27 Bus
Guidance of schedule revision [December 2(Month)】
2019.11.12 Bus
10Has released a month daily fare revision of open data (GTFS-JP)。
2019.09.30 Announcement
[5% point reduction] cashless consumers about reducing business [October 1,(Fire)~】
2019.09.27 Announcement
For sale the end of the planning ticket "Haneda Keikyu ticket"
2019.09.26 Announcement
The implementation of "MaaS" demonstration experiments [2019 October 1,(Fire)To 31(Wood)】
2019.09.20 Announcement
"Pokemon Hokkaido love discovery Corps Arora Lokon、Adventure Hokkaido aboard the Lokon and bus! "campaign
2019.09.20 Bus
[Go on route bus] will guide you through the - location of the city -
2019.09.06 Announcement
Route bus due to the consumption tax hike on the implementation of (riding together bus) fare revision
2019.07.29 Announcement
The revised application of vans bus fare due to the consumption tax hike
2019.07.24 Bus
Has become a model room of the Japanese garden, Western-style garden, landscape garden measuring 25,000 square meters and the plant。Also、Set of "Natsuzora" has been free public
2019.07.24 Bus
Let the city of walking load 6 places try to win by bus
2019.07.02 Bus
Guidance of the transfer bus stop [Obihirokoseibyoin]
2019.05.28 Announcement
5Has released a month 29 days timetable revision of open data (GTFS-JP)。
2019.04.25 Announcement
For bug bus location system (PINA)
2019.04.01 Bus
Has released the Tokachi bus open data (GTFS-JP)。
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