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Potato Liner Notice

Thank you for using Potato Liner。





Fare table

* When using coupon tickets、At the counter or consignment store、Please be sure to replace it with a ticket。

* Regarding child charges, etc.、Please check with the contact information below。

Boarding / alighting place Adult one-way fare Early bird discount (adult one-way fare only) Student discount one-way fare
Sapporo City-Shimizu / Mikage 3,820Yen 3,540Yen 3,330Yen 3,420Yen 3,140Yen 2,930Yen 3,420Yen 3,140Yen 2,930Yen
Sapporo City-Memuro / Otofuke / Kino / Obihiro City 4,110Yen 3,810Yen 3,580Yen 3,710Yen 3,410Yen 3,180Yen 3,710Yen 3,410Yen 3,180Yen
About early bird discount

Early bird discount、From the scheduled boarding dateFor A fares and B fares,30A few days ago、For C fares:21A few days agoまでReservation and payment are required for。You can check the fare classification on the day of boarding from the QR code or URL.。


*If you are making an early bird reservation、Advance reservations cannot be made by phone.、Please make a reservation online or come directly to the counter.、Please complete your reservation and payment on the day.。

*After reserving early bird seats、If you cannot pay by the payment deadline,、It will be automatically canceled。

*Early bird discount is limited to seats.、Even during the early bird discount period、Sales may end.、Please note。


About coupons

4Single coupon tickets and bus set tickets will be available as of September 30, 2023.、Sale will end。
What number of tickets do you have?2024Available until September 30th。

*You can use your coupons in any category: A, B, or C.。(However,、(Not available for early bird seats)


  • At the Potato Liner's directly managed counters (Obihiro, Sapporo, Otani)、In addition to cash, various credit cards can be used。
  • PayPay payment is not available。
  • Child fare is half the adult fare (rounded up to the nearest 10 yen)。Applies to elementary school students。
    Also、Free for preschoolers who do not occupy a seat。
  • When using student discounts (junior high school students, high school students, college students, junior college students, vocational school students)、Please be sure to show your student ID card at the time of purchase / boarding。
  • The cripple by hand account、Half price for those who have a nursing notebook。
    Please be sure to show your notebook at the time of purchase and boarding。

Ticket sales location (for telephone reservations and cash payments)

[Persons boarding from Obihiro Station, Sapporo Station, Sapporo Chuo Bus Terminal, Otani]
  • Each terminal window (Refer to the "Inquiries / Reservations" column below for business hours, etc.)
    ⇒ About 15 minutes before departure、After telling the staff the name of the reservation、Please purchase a ticket。We accept cash and credit cards。
  • Chuo Bus Sapporo Terminal ⑥ Platform 19:15Departure、Oyachi Station ⑤ Platform 19:43The train will depart outside of counter business hours.、Please purchase your ticket in advance.。
  • For those who use coupon tickets、You need to redeem your ticket at the counter。
[For those who board from other stops]
  • Do you purchase a ticket at the above window in advance?、Located near each stop
    Please purchase at a consignment store。About consignment stores、Please check "Inquiries / Reservations" below。or、Convenience store payment is convenient。
  • For those who use coupon tickets、You need to redeem your ticket at the counter。

Inquiries / Reservations

Tickets are reserved and sold from 2 months in advance.。
For internet reservation、In principle, including the boarding date, "4A few days agoPlease purchase a ticket by。If not purchased、The reservation will be canceled automatically。If you wish to purchase on the day、We accept telephone reservations。
On some reservation sites、In addition to credit card payment, convenience store payment (ticketing) is also possible.。

Also when making a reservation by phone、You can choose convenience store payment
(When using convenience store payment、A separate "reservation number" is required、Please let us know when you make a reservation by phone)。

The seat you want to specify、Is it a reservation by phone?、It is possible only on the Internet site "Departure Orai Net"。

It should be noted、When a seat is selected at the time of reservation from the departure alley net、"No seat selection" may be displayed on the reservation completion screen.、Seats are available at your desired seat。Check your seat and if you have any concerns、Please contact the reservation center below by phone。

Book / Purchase on the Internet
Reservation / purchase by phone / window
Obihiro Obihiro Station bus terminal
Sapporo Line Reservation Center
12-25 Nishi 1 Jominami, Obihiro City
(Reservation reception / window reception 7:00~19:15)
Sapporo Central Bus Reservation Center
(Chuo Bus Sapporo Terminal)
1-3 Odorihigashi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo
0570-200-600(Navi dial)
(Reservation reception / window reception 7:30~18:00)
Otani Chuo Bus Otani Information Center 3-2-1 Oyachihigashi, Atsubetsu-ku, Sapporo
(Reservation reception / window reception 7:50~18:00)
Ticket dealer

Each consignment store、Tickets can only be issued by exchanging multiple tickets.。Issuing tickets in cash、We do not accept reservations, changes, or refunds.。Beforehand、Reservations can be made at the Obihiro Station Bus Terminal Sapporo Line Reservation Center [0155-23-3489].。At the time of booking、Please let us know if you would like to issue tickets at a consignment store.。

National Highway West Article 22
YS Yamasho Nishi 23jo store
9:00~17:00 Closed on Sundays and holidays
National Highway West Article 22
Tokachi bus headquarters
Otodai-dori 11 chome
Cosmos Berries Eastern Hokkaido JA Otofuke
Weekdays 10:00~17:00Saturday 10:00~12:00
Closed on Sundays and public holidays and the second Saturday
Kinoodori 16-chome
Piaza Fukuhara Otofuke store

About change / cancellation

Before ticketing and before settlement
  • [Regular fare] Changes and cancellations will be made without charge.、Please contact the above "Inquiries / Reservations" inquiries。
  • [Early Bird Fare] If the fare is not paid by the payment deadline, it will be automatically canceled.。
  • [Internet reservation] Please contact the internet site where you made the reservation.、Please change or cancel.。
After ticketing and settlement
  • [Regular fare] After ticket issuance、Cancellations, flight changes, and seat changes due to customer convenience、100A cancellation fee of 100 yen will be charged.。
    Please contact the above "Inquiries / Reservations" inquiries。
    It should be noted、Flight changes that result in a change in fare amount、Once refund processing、It will be a procedure to rebook。
  • [Early bird fare] Until 12 days before boarding date:Cancellations, flight changes, seat changes、A cancellation fee of 100 yen will be charged as with the regular fare.。
    If less than 11 days have passed since the boarding date:A cancellation fee of 20% of the purchase amount will be charged.。
  • [Internet reservation] If you make a reservation online, cancellation after payment is not allowed.、It will be a procedure at each internet site / contact information。In that case、Please note that the refund fee will be the amount specified on each reservation site.。
    (Only for reservations and payments from "Departure Orai Net"、You can also use the contact information for "Inquiries / Reservations" above.)
Refund of coupon tickets
  • Depending on the number of sheets remaining、We will refund you。
    A separate refund fee of 200 yen will be charged.、Please note。
Handling after departure of the bus
  • Suspension due to natural disasters, etc.、Except for unavoidable circumstances、Please note that no refunds will be given.。

please note

  • Seats will be reserved in the car。If you have a seat of your choice、Please specify at the time of booking。
  • By law, you are required to wear a seat belt.。For your own safety, please understand and cooperate in wearing a seatbelt while riding.。
  • Please note that pets are not allowed in the potato liner.。
    Large luggage (bicycle、If the number of items (large musical instruments, etc.) or luggage is too large to be judged as a personal item、We may refuse to bring it in。Please contact us in advance。

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