Has released the Tokachi bus open data (GTFS-JP)。

"GTFS-JP" is the "standard bus information format" (2017 March、That the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport has determined。There is a static data format in)、The basic public transport for the data format "GTFS", which is internationally widely used、Which was enhanced in light of the situation in Japan。It is a common format for the transfer of information between the bus operators and the route search of information providers。This、It will be able to take advantage of data to quickly makes it easy to provide information to the Japanese domestic route search, such as publishers。further、GTFS-JP is because there is a compatible with GTFS、Also making it possible to carry out the provision of information to the beginning and the overseas business Google Maps。Format that this time the public is、Static video game ー Tatari "GTFS-JP" (the residence、route、Then、Timetable、Although it has the information) of fares、Then dynamic data "GTFS-RT (real-time)" (delay、ETA、Vehicle position、We aim to provide service information, etc.)。In the Tokachi bus、Asked to recognize the bus to the visitors and foreigners、In order to guide seamlessly with third-party lines, railways, and walk、We hope to be asked to reflect on the path service around the world、To publish the data the GTFS, which was developed in a standard bus information format as an open data。   GTFS-JPデータ   「標準的なバス情報フォーマット(GTFS)」のオープンデータ オープンデータはこちら   データに関するお問い合わせ先   十勝バス株式会社 本社 TEL 0155-37-6500 Omnibus part Nagasawa-affairs department system Division Suzuya

[For Japanese tourists] Tokachi route bus ride unlimited for "Visit Tokachi path" is released

Always you will find a Tokachi bus、Thank you。 In the Company and Hokkaido Takushoku bus、2018 November 1 (Thu)、Intended for tourists visiting the Tokachi、Will start the launch of a route bus of the Tokachi Subprefecture tube is unlimited ride "Visit Tokachi path"。 just now、For those who of the foreign visitors to visit the Tokachi、Heisei but We will the launch of "VISIT TOKACHI PASS" than as a demonstration of one year 29 November 1、Along with the transition to the year-round sales for the ticket、Released a Japanese new same ticket also towards the (living in Japan, including foreign) tourists in Tokachi、We want you to enjoy a more Tokachi of charm。 Of course, happiness Station, patriotic Station YaBanEi Racecourse、Tokachigawaonsen、Nukabira source Township、Lake Shikaribetsu This good-route bus ride unlimited paths can enjoy the charm of Tokachi, etc.。   対象者 十勝総合振興局管外にお住まいの方(国籍は問いません)※十勝総合振興局管内にお住まいの方はご利用いただけません 購入方法 販売窓口で申込書に必要事項を記入しパスを購入します。※ together with the identification you know the current address at the time of purchase (driver's license, my number card, etc.)、Tickets and flights like when you come we will (mobile screen also available) to confirm to the Tokachi。 対象路線 十勝バスと北海道拓殖バスの十勝管内全路線(ただし、Inter-city high-speed bus、定期観光バスは除く) 発売開始日 平成30年11月1日(木)より 乗車券発売箇所 帯広駅バスターミナル(十勝バス窓口、Takushoku bus window) Tokachi Obihiro airport information desk type and amount of money one day tickets (six spelling) 1,500 yen [子供750円]2日券(12枚綴り) 2,500円 [子供1,250円]※ If you have exhausted the spelling、Take the ride available methods route bus in the presentation of the cover、降車する際にチケットを運賃箱に投入する PDFファイルはこちらPDFファイルはこちら 十勝に訪れる訪日外国人の方向け『VISIT TOKACHI PASS』【PDF】【IMAGE】

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