About the release of RAKUTOKU14 "Ledu Smartphone Ticket"

2022 Years 5 Month 6 日(Fri)16:36 | Announcement |

Reiwa 5/10/4(Fire)Than、"Rakutoku Smartphone Ticket" that can be used by 14 intercity buses will be on sale。
You can use the intercity bus at a great price with a web payment and a smartphone ticket.、Please use it by all means。


1. Product content

Product name :RAKUTOKUBUS14 "Rakutoku Smartphone Ticket"
Sales form:Sales of smartphone tickets on the web application
price :30% discount on one-way fare x2 for each route (non-refundable)


2. Target routes/selling prices * Only Tokachi Bus-related information is listed.。
◎Potato liner

Sapporo - Obihiro (regular) 7,680 yen → (sales) 5,380 yen
Sapporo - Shimizu (regular) 7,120 yen → (sales) 4,990 yen

◎ North Liner

Obihiro - Asahikawa (regular) 7,200 yen → (sales) 5,040 yen

Obihiro - Furano (regular) 4,800 yen → (sales) 3,360 yen
Obihiro - Minamifurano (regular) 3,200 yen → (sales) 2,240 yen
Obihiro - Sounkyo (regular) 5,000 yen → (sales) 3,500 yen

Minamifurano - Asahikawa (regular) 4,200 yen → (sales) 2,940 yen
Shintoku - Asahikawa (regular) 5,600 yen → (sales) 3,920 yen
Nukabira - Asahikawa (regular) 5,400 yen → (sales) 3,780 yen


3. Instructions
  1. When making a bus reservation by phone or at the window、Tell them to use "Rakutoku Smartphone Ticket"。
  2. Purchase a smartphone ticket on the web app。
  3. Present your smartphone ticket to the crew when boarding。
4. Sales method
  • Sold on a special web application (credit card payment only)
≪Rakutoku Smartphone Ticket Website≫


5. Sales period
  • Reiwa 4 years (2022) May 10 (fire) ~ Reiwa 4 years August 31 (water)
    (Due to the limited quantity release、Ends when sold out)
6. Period of use
  • Purchase date ~ September 30 (Gold), Reiwa 4 (2022)

About the release of RAKUTOKU14 "Ledu Smartphone Ticket"

About the release of RAKUTOKU14 "Ledu Smartphone Ticket"

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