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  • 路線バス時刻表
  • スクールバス
  • 小児・福祉運賃の取り扱い
  • 各種乗車券・定期券・回数券のご案内
  • お得な切符
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  • 西地区コミュニティバス


How to ride a bus

I want to take the bus, I do not know how to ride.
To guide you through this page is such customers.

High School production broadcaster Ryokuyo Obihiro lecture how to ride a bus

1.(Reading time version of the bus stop) Bus Stop

Time version bus stop

Company name, the name of the bus stop, and time version has been posted to the bus stop.

  1. Destination, because the system number are entered in the time version, check on - take the direction of the curtain when boarding the bus.
  2. There is a sign on the left side of the time of time version, please confirm if there is to be suspended service by day of the week.
  3. Please check since New Year special diamond.
  4. Please use the time table, so you can check the information center on the homepage or the like other than the bus stop.

2.Appearance of the bus

The basic color is yellow bus Tokachi.
In some vehicles, there is a vehicle of a different color as an advertising medium, has become the front of the bus and the bus specifications Tokachi (yellow).

Its color

Color bus

3.Display destination

Riding in the vehicle next to the door of the top and front of the vehicle bus has (direction curtain) curtain line number and destination display.

The direction of the screen (line ki first curtain)

Side curtain (curtain display destination)

4.How to ride on the bus

The Company has two types of car there is a bus ride in the car and get off before getting off before riding before.
There is only one place the front entrance, the ride from the front door, to get off the car before the previous ride, down from the front door.
In multiply ri anterior descending ri

Before multiplication ri ri anterior descending

In multiply ri · anterior descending ri

5.Please take a ticket at the time of boarding.

The numbered ticket 発 row machine

There is a ticket-issuing machines in the mouth bus ride.
Please take a ticket from one single person here.
The finishing coupons は お off 様 の car を to prove su ru も の です on necessary ず お ri under the さ い し た place.
In addition, if you did not take the trouble tickets, etc., please inform the crew at that point.

6.While riding the bus.

To prevent vehicle rollover accident, while riding the bus seating always hope.
In addition, the movement of the vehicle while driving is very dangerous.

7.Please press the button and get off.

Get off button

Announcement on the train and get off at the bus stop name that was broadcast, please press the button and get off on the window frame, etc. near you.
Press the button to get off, that the lamp is lit in red, check the driver's seat even the crew, and get off you will know.
It should be noted that, in order to prevent vehicle rollover accident, until the bus stops completely, Please do not Tachiagara.

8.Please check your fare.

Display machine fare

1.Please refer to the display unit in front of the car fare fare.

9.Please pay the fare.

Fare box
  1. Fare box next to the driver's seat, to be paid on the power and the ticket fare.
  2. Coupon tickets, train ticket, the well-being of coupons the の occasions も operational lease box に さ invested し て い.
  3. The tickets will be put into the fare box, upon presentation, season ticket customers, please clear the crew get off the commuter.
  4. Currency Exchange, please use the currency unit of the fare box.
  • Exchange should finish as soon as possible.
  • Exchange while driving is dangerous!!Please stop in.
  • The high notes (2000 yen,5000Yen,10000Currency exchange yen) is not possible.

10.Watch your step and get off.


For your ride that I take a pet (pet small animal)

As for pet (pet small animal), small animals (such as dogs and cats) If you can completely housed in a special case such as the lid closes, you can bring in to the car.
In a state where the head and small animals (such as dogs and cats) have come out from the back, but, I can not bring to the car.

※ Sapporo, Obihiro line (potato liner), for Asahikawa Obihiro line (North liner), long stop interval, also, (such as a mountain pass) other means of transportation to ensure difficult period in the service route for exists, and any chance

Handling of the car bringing goods

Some, such as the length and weight, can not be brought to the bus car.

One that can be brought
  • Weight up to 30kg
  • Volume 0.25m3 within ※ 0.63 cubic meters
  • Less than 2.0m long さ
  • In the game machines or exercise equipment, those of less than 2m length
  • Bicycle which was housed in a special case is foldable
  • And housed in a bag, such as a dedicated, ski snowboard things within 2m length
  • Small animals such as dogs and cats housed in a special case, etc.
    ※ small animals if you can completely cover storage and private case closes, I will bring in to the car
That can not be brought
  • I weight more than 30kg
  • I more than the volume 0.25m3
  • I more than 2.0m length
  • State or head of small animals have come out of the bag, etc.
  • Bicycle that is not in its case even if by folding bicycle and you do not fold

Also other than the matters described, because there is a case to refuse a ride for the bringing of things that may be a nuisance to other passengers, thank you for your understanding.

For passengers in wheelchair

Pocket timetableIt is possible, so we have described the operation time of wheelchair accessible vehicle, to ride after confirmation here.

The vehicle non-sloped, because there or if wheelchair does not fold, etc. If there are no attendant, may be refused a ride, thank you for your understanding.

Handling of stroller

Fold the stroller, please Sitting in the seat on top of the knee to "Dacko" the children in the car.
With regard to the car bringing the stroller is not foldable, by congestion in the car, so there is a case to be taking into account the risk and inconvenience of other customers, reserves the right to refuse a ride, Please note.