Benly Reference Estimate

House cleaning service

  基本料金 Travel expenses
Range hood (for home use) External ¥9,000~ Business trip expenses included
Inside the microwave oven (for home use) ¥9,000~
Kitchen I type width 2550 ¥30,000~
Gas table / cooking utensil ¥9,000~
Sink / faucet metal fittings ¥7,000~
Bus (up to 3.3㎡) ¥13,000~
Toilet (up to 2㎡) ¥9,000~
Washroom (up to 4㎡) ¥8,000~
Washing tank (decomposed) ¥12,000~
Air conditioner (90 cm) ¥12,000~
Floor (6 tatami mats) ¥14,000~ ¥3,000~/1 person
Floor (6 tatami mats) with wax peeling ¥15,000~ ¥3,000~/1 person
Glass (front / back) waist window ¥2,500~ Business trip expenses included
Empty room (simple cleaning) 1LDK・2DK ¥30,000~
Vacancy (with wax) 1LDK / 2DK ceiling ¥42,000~


Help / agency service

  基本料金 Travel expenses
Proxy work (1 hour) ¥4,000~/1 person ¥3,000~/1 person
Helping with moving (1 hour) ¥4,000~/1 person ¥3,000~/1 person
Furniture movement (work for 2 people) ¥3,000~/1 point ¥3,000~/1 person
Transportation work (1 hour) ¥7,000~/1 person Business trip expenses included


Water service

  基本料金 Travel expenses
Toilet clogging / use of special equipment ¥12,000~ Business trip expenses included
Clogged bathroom drain ¥12,000~
Clogged kitchen pipe ¥12,000~
Toilet warm water washing toilet seat replacement ¥12,000~


Air conditioner construction

  基本料金 Travel expenses
Air conditioner installation (for home use) ¥12,000~ Business trip expenses included


House maintenance service

  基本料金 Travel expenses
Bran replacement One-sided ¥ 3,000 ~ / sheet ¥3,000~/1 person
Double-sided ¥ 4,000 ~ / sheet ¥3,000~/1 person
Replacing the screen door ordinary ¥ 3,000 ~ / sheet ¥3,000~/1 person


Garden care service

  基本料金 Travel expenses
Weeding / weed-proof sheet construction ¥7,000~ ¥3,000~/1 person


Pest service

  基本料金 Travel expenses
Pest control (hornet) ¥18,000~ Business trip expenses included
Pigeon net installation 1Minutes ¥46,000~
2Minutes ¥54,000~
Mouse measures Work fee ¥14,000~
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  • We will confirm your home in advance for the actual quotation.。
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