Regular Tourist Buses

2019Announcement of the year Tokachi regular tourist bus service

2019 Years 4 Month 5 日(Fri)16:22 | 観光バス |

To the subscription form

Please proceed to the destination by clicking on the desired course。

※(¥ amount)Is a person with a disability discount amount。
Plan NameFee 
The 1st course Adult ¥ 7000 (¥5100)
Villain ¥ 4200 (¥3250)
午前コース Adults ¥ 3500 (¥2550)
Villain ¥ 2250 (¥1800)
Afternoon course 大人 ¥2500 (¥1350)
Villain ¥ 1350 (¥800)
Set Adult ¥ 5500
Villain ¥ 3300
午前コース、Or please sign up for the afternoon course

Tourist Buses regularly ni つ ~ te

Sightseeing bus of Tokachi bus、It is efficiently Megureru tourist bus vast attractions in Tokachi。

Sightseeing bus of Tokachi bus、This appointment route bus that runs from the while enjoying the famous tourist destination, nature of Tokachi。
Am of course、Afternoon course、You can choose, such as by time zone one day course。



Bus guide with a specialized knowledge、It supports a comfortable journey of customers。I will teach you, such as descriptions and beans knowledge of the tourist spot。
※ business regime crew one person、Tourism is a guide one person。

1OK even from a name like

1This service if there is a sign up in person。1It is safe for those who would like to explore the Tokachi in the human journey。Please apply please feel free to。



Service period and the arrival and departure time、Fee、Check the like course of sights and attractions、Please select the course you want to use。

ネット or お電話でご予約

The guidance page、We have indicated the sign-up phone number for reservations in the Internet booking form with your telephone。


When you have finished your application、To up to 15 minutes prior to the day of departure time、On the purchase of the ticket、Only if you ride is OK。 Enjoy the journey of Tokachi!

※he、Guests ride from Hokkaido hotel and Tokachimakubetsu designated hotels。


  • Rates - Price of the display is、All tax。
  • Children Rates、There is 6 years of age or under 12 years of age unless stated otherwise。
  • 6It is free if you do not need a seat in less than age。However、Free of the infant is per person one adult。
  • The payment will be only cash。


  • Sign up thank you as soon as possible。
  • Traffic jam、Because the bad weather, etc. there are times when the bus is late、Please take you a sufficient margin to transit to other means of transportation。
  • The car of the regular tourist bus are all non smoking。In the case of smoking your cigarettes、Thank you very much in the middle of the off tourist areas and rest areas for smoking areas。The top of setting the mobile phone to silent mode in the car、Call, please refrain from。
  • For personal information was accepted at the time of reservation、In addition to help you make the reservation, ticket ticketing business、Will be used when you contact to the customer is required。other than this、It may help you make the creation of statistical data。
  • Tourist guide crew does not speak other than Japanese。
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