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Announcement timetable revision Heisei 24 January '11

2012 Years 10 Month 10 日(Wed)16:10 | Announcement |

Tokachi you for using bus from daily, Thank you.

Heisei 24 years November 1(Wood)More, do (such as the time change) timetable revision of some routes.

The inter-su ru イ ヤ correct route は, "the Tokachigawa Spa line, big empty ~ Boye college line, bud room to three. NCB · Otani, ¹ ã, ¯ ー Hikaru" と na ri ます on.

In addition, it also changes the position of the "bus stop towards Obihiro Article 17 piece through spring."

For more information, please refer to the following data from pdf.

Tokachigawaonsen line(Time change)

The big empty ~ Boye college line(Directions 変 more)

Memuro to three NCB · Otani the su ク ー ル,(Time change)

The spring horse pass 17 バ ス stop moving(Move bus stop)