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Transportation Safety Management

Basic Policy on transportation safety

On to with the the most important issue the safety improvement of transportation, was complies with the laws and regulations related to transportation, constructed and operated safety management systems, the Company, we will strive to eradication an accident in all employees.


  1. We give priority to the respect of all human life.
  2. We will improve the safety awareness and concerted effort.
  3. The Company tilting the ear with sincerity to the voice of inside and outside related to ensuring the safety of transportation.
  4. Create a "safety plan" transport necessary to achieve the "safety objectives" Transport Company.
  5. Order to realize the "Basic Policy on ensuring the safety of transportation the" Company is, "safety management system" (P-D-C-A)As I managed to build.
  6. Our company will endeavor so that the every year, can be improved the result operation of the "management system" Safety.
  7. The Company to ensure compliance of laws and regulations transport related.
  8. Investment results for "safety management system", the Company published on our HP revisions.

Accident to prevent the the の target と focus on Carring out policies

No. 平成27年度目標 Goal Performance Previous year
1 A major accident 0Item 2Item 1Item
2 Personal injury car 0Item 2Item 5Item
3 Personal accident 0Item 0Item 2Item
4 有責事故 0Item 27Item 18Item
5 構内事故 0Item 8Item 2Item
No. 平成28年度目標 Goal Performance Previous year
1 A major accident 0Item 0Item 2Item
2 Personal injury car 0Item 0Item 2Item
3 Personal accident 0Item 0Item 0Item
4 有責事故 0Item 5Item 27Item
5 構内事故 0Item 2Item 8Item

平成28年度 主要実行具体策事項





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Emergency contact system
Safety management procedures
Safety omnibus managers
Executive Officer of the Minister omnibus Yoneda filial piety
Accident prevention の take the group the と membership education and び of training の plan
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